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November 5th
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1 Peoples Radio United 4-6PM GMT, 11AM-1PM EST, 8-10AM PST @TimBestbudz / @Canadianglen
2 t0pg3arliv3 9-12AM GMT, 4-7PM EST, 1-4PM PST @t0p_100
3 The View Up Here 12AM-2AM GMT, 7-9PM EST, 4-6PM PST @Canadianglen
4 Peoples Radio United 2-5 AM GMT, 9PM-12AM EST, 6-9 PM PST @TimBestbudz

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2nd Annual #MMMLiveonthe5 - Show #3 from t0pg3aliv3

The View Up Here

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2nd Annual #MMMLiveonthe5 - Show #4 from #TheViewUpHere

Peoples Radio United


2nd Annual #MMMLiveonthe5 - Wrap Up Show #5 from Peoples Radio United

MMMLiveOnThe5 2017

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Anonymous pays tribute to some of those no longer with us that were victimized by the state. Either by vindictive persecution, ignorance of their plight or silence instead of action, these four were denied that which authority claims to provide for all. Anonymous remembers. #RIP

Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz was a tech genius & political activist devoted to a free, open internet. He faced a fine up to $1 million & 35 years in jail for a "crime" that had no actual victims or financial gain. The US Attorney said "Stealing is stealing, whether you use a computer command or a crowbar". Then he took his own life.

Aaron Swartz
(1986 - 2013)
Rehtaeh Parsons

Rehteah Parsons was a victim of sexual assault & cyberbullying at the age of 15. She was removed from life-support after an attempted suicide at 17. When law enforcement refused to prosecute and closed the case, Anonymous found, named & forced arrest of the perpetrators. Two of four suspects were convicted.

Rehtaeh Parsons
(1995 - 2013)

Serena Shim

Serena Shim, an American, was reporting for Press TV when she was killed in Turkey in a suspicious car accident after exposing Turkish assistance to ISIL in Syria. All of her evidence vanished and has never been seen again. Her family has never received an explanation or condolences from the US or Turkey.

Serena Shim
(1985 - 2014)

Dennis Collins

Dennis Collins, aka Owen, died at his desk, what FreeAnons called “an oper to the very end.” He had long suffered from a constellation of ailments, and his end was not unexpected. He was arrested for participating in #OpPayback and was the only person charged in both #Paypal14 and #Payback13.

Dennis Collins (Owen)
(1960 - 2015)
#Paypal14 / #Payback13